Do we really need smartwatches?

Do we need smartwatches
Do we need smartwatches

The day Apple announced the new Apple Watch, I was listening at BBC Radio 4, I was coming back from work, and they were interviewing a famous Swiss watchmaker, who claimed he didn’t understand the revolutionary power of quartz watch back in the past, and that he learned to be more open with innovation, because people is less predictable of what they are suppose to be – very free quote, I’m sorry, I can’t remember the words he used.

I agree. but there are other questions that needs to be answered .

By now smartwatches can do less then keep the time without a the connection with a smartphone, and they – not all, few models could carry a sim-card –  also needs this connection to have an accurate time keeping.

Any other function needs an app and to install an app you need a connection. and probably – I’m basing my analysis only on rumours, I haven’t still tried one of them – the real job will be done by the smartphone, with the watch that works like an appendix of the smartphone. Give or take.



Apple watch front.


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Apple watch back



Apple watch interface (part)


I’m trying to understand which will be the path for these devices, I like them, but they do not satisfy me emotionally. And this is the point.

If they will be capable to become emotionally “dense”, if they will succeed in becoming part of a person identity, the way a person likes to see himself, and probably if they will be able to bring a new way to do something – if not something new to do – if they will succeed in doing at least part of these, they’ll be a success.

Otherwise they’ll be only another nice and expensive gadget.

A small selection of interesting concepts for smartwatches will come soon…


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