Digital Rangefinder Concept

digital rangefinder concept
digital rangefinder concept

This is a personal project with NO connection with Nikon.
It’s only my personal version of something that doesn’t exist (yet)

As soon as Nikon annunced the DF project, a vintage digital camera, a “pure photography” camera, I was wondering if it will be the camera I was waiting for.
As soon a the DF come out I was really disappointed. It was only an oversized digital reflex masked as an old reflex.
It was not what I’m looking for. I start thinking about what I would like to have in a digital camera.
Simple, not so big, and, of course, a rangefinder camera. A REAL rangefinder camera.

It has to have dedicated professional lenses and the possibility to use all Nikon lenses thanks an adapter.
But also it has to be capable to use old rangefinder lens (another adapter of course). No scenes, no useles option.
This is what I would like to have from my first (cameras) love.

And this is the way I imagine it



Camera front


Camera top






The complete project is here