Notebook of an interaction designer

Speak first, Code later (don’t shoot the messenger)

User research is a great thing. Human Centred Design is the best approach possible (at this very moment) to create new products, no matters if you’re designing an app, a rangefinder camera or an office. The principle of designing something around the ones who will use it, considering the cognitive processes involved in the everyday use gives the team the … Read More

A Chainsaw to cut Bread

I love responsive technology, especially because it solves a lot of problems in designing websites and apps. There are a lot of great solutions, personally I like Bootstrap because it’s flexible and reliable, reasonably simple (ok, maybe this it’s not completely true) and for a lot of other reason, but this is not about Bootstrap.

Digital Rangefinder Concept

This is a personal project with NO connection with Nikon. It’s only my personal version of something that doesn’t exist (yet) As soon as Nikon annunced the DF project, a vintage digital camera, a “pure photography” camera, I was wondering if it will be the camera I was waiting for. As soon a the DF come out I was really disappointed. … Read More


This will be a post one day. by now it’s only a Preview