Notebook of an interaction designer

Digital interfaces manipulation aid using Eye-Tracking and AI

Since my mother started using touchscreen devices, I’ve had the opportunity to observe how the relationship between elders and technology could be tricky in ways I couldn’t imagine before. I supposed the major problem would be to understand the semiotic of the interfaces, the meaning of all the different signs and symbols currently in use in the main common applications … Read More

KONOST FF Seems to be really interesting

I totally agree with them. Soon after the publication on the DF concept, a friend of mine send me a nice link: So I discover that someone have had a similar Idea, but they also tried to actually produce a camera like that…

Digital Rangefinder Concept

This is a personal project with NO connection with Nikon. It’s only my personal version of something that doesn’t exist (yet) As soon as Nikon annunced the DF project, a vintage digital camera, a “pure photography” camera, I was wondering if it will be the camera I was waiting for. As soon a the DF come out I was really disappointed. … Read More