A Chainsaw to cut Bread



I love responsive technology, especially because it solves a lot of problems in designing websites and apps. There are a lot of great solutions, personally I like Bootstrap because it’s flexible and reliable, reasonably simple (ok, maybe this it’s not completely true) and for a lot of other reason, but this is not about Bootstrap.

Sometime Responsive become an obsession,  clients love the word itself, and whatever you have to design, it must be responsive. Also if the UX suggest to choose a different way.

Because sometime is more important the ratio between elements, especially if you’re designing something that will never be place in a widescreen container, and also if you’re designing something, like a software, for a specific device, and it will be never used in other devices,  or because you need to have fixed position for different elements – I know that responsive is more than capable to do all this stuff, but it require more time and work, ergo, money.

Just sometime I have the feeling of using a chainsaw to cut bread, or, maybe another example is more pertinent, it’s like to have a SUV to drive in a Roma.

The most common vehicles in Roma are scooters and bikes. And for a lot of good reason, like the amount of traffic and the rarity of proper parking space.  Try to find a parking space for a SUV in the city center and you’ll understand.

Every task needs the proper tools, 90% of the time responsive is a perfect solution, 10% it isn’t.

Here a nice site with some nice template for website based on bootstrap, just to make clear that I like it.


Start Bootstrap