Notebook of an interaction designer

Digital interfaces manipulation aid using Eye-Tracking and AI

Since my mother started using touchscreen devices, I’ve had the opportunity to observe how the relationship between elders and technology could be tricky in ways I couldn’t imagine before. I supposed the major problem would be to understand the semiotic of the interfaces, the meaning of all the different signs and symbols currently in use in the main common applications … Read More

Speak first, Code later (don’t shoot the messenger)

User research is a great thing. Human Centred Design is the best approach possible (at this very moment) to create new products, no matters if you’re designing an app, a rangefinder camera or an office. The principle of designing something around the ones who will use it, considering the cognitive processes involved in the everyday use gives the team the … Read More

A Chainsaw to cut Bread

I love responsive technology, especially because it solves a lot of problems in designing websites and apps. There are a lot of great solutions, personally I like Bootstrap because it’s flexible and reliable, reasonably simple (ok, maybe this it’s not completely true) and for a lot of other reason, but this is not about Bootstrap.

Do we really need smartwatches?

The day Apple announced the new Apple Watch, I was listening at BBC Radio 4, I was coming back from work, and they were interviewing a famous Swiss watchmaker, who claimed he didn’t understand the revolutionary power of quartz watch back in the past, and that he learned to be more open with innovation, because people is less predictable of what they are … Read More

KONOST FF Seems to be really interesting

I totally agree with them. Soon after the publication on the DF concept, a friend of mine send me a nice link: So I discover that someone have had a similar Idea, but they also tried to actually produce a camera like that…

Digital Rangefinder Concept

This is a personal project with NO connection with Nikon. It’s only my personal version of something that doesn’t exist (yet) As soon as Nikon annunced the DF project, a vintage digital camera, a “pure photography” camera, I was wondering if it will be the camera I was waiting for. As soon a the DF come out I was really disappointed. … Read More

Semiotics of an Hamburger

“To learn a language is one of the most difficult things that we can do in our life, we learn our native language when we are so young that we do not remember the effort that we took to do it, and growing up this effort becomes greater, so a good design should minimize this effort, make the object designed … Read More


This will be a post one day. by now it’s only a Preview